THE LOVELY THINGS Chain Crossbody Bag



Piñatex 是由鳯梨葉纖維製成的皮革替代品,是一種抗水、堅韌和透氣度高的物料。Piñatex 是鳯梨的副產品,不需要額外的土地,水,肥料或農藥來生產。 




  • 獨特植物纖維素皮革
  • 配備磁性扣及內袋
  • 簡約線條
  • 輕巧易著
  • 由於材料的性質,每塊的質地會有所不同
  • 英國手工製造 


  • 長 22cm 高16.5cm
  • 鍊條背帶長度: 115cm
  • 可放 ipad mini
  • 重量(含鏈條)約 200g


Product Information

  • Handmade in the UK
  • Body: Piñatex
  • Lining: Cotton blend
  • Flap with magnetic snap fastening
  • Fits a ipad mini
  • Width: 22cm
  • Height: 16.5cm
  • Depth: 3cm
  • Please note some flecks of fibre may be visible due to the natural characteristics of the material and the texture on each piece will vary.
  • Read here for information on how to care for this product

About the Material

Piñatex is a natural and innovative non-woven textile made from cellulose fibres extracted from pineapple leaves. The raw material that forms the base of Piñatex is a by-product of the pineapple harvest meaning it requires no additional environmental resources to produce. Find out more about this material here.