THAMON Bifold Card Wallet



  • 極簡而獨特的男士卡片錢包,由樹葉製成 。每件都是手工製作,手工染色,並以最高質量製作。因此,每件產品都是美麗、獨特和獨一無二的,與皮革不同
  • 100%純素和無公害 。葉子皮是一種植物性材料,是最好的皮革替代品。生產中不涉及任何動物產品
  • 尺寸 - 4.13" W x 3.62" L x 0.47 "D (10.5 厘米x 9.2 厘米x 1.2 厘米) 。折疊後。它適用於紙幣、信用卡和收據
  • 可持續和生態友好。這款錢包用可持續的葉子製造。沒有使用有毒的處理或染料。部分收入支持當地居民的生活
  • Thamon是一家生態設計的初創公司,用真正的樹葉和皮革替代材料創造純粹的時尚配件
  • 泰國手工製作

Slim, minimal and unique card wallet made of leaf leather material.

  • Minimal and unique card wallet for men, made from leaves – Each piece is handmade, dyed by hand and crafted to the highest quality so every piece is beautiful, unique and one of a kind, unlike leather
  • 100% Vegan and cruelty-free - Leaf leather is a plant-based material and the best leather alternatives. No animal products are involved in the production.
  • Size – 4.13" W x 3.62" L x 0.47 "D (10.5 cm x 9.2 cm x 1.2 cm) - Folded. It is suitable for banknotes, credit cards and receipts
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly – The leaf comes from sustainable sources. No toxic treatments or dyes are applied. Part of the income supports their living
  • Thamon is an eco-design start-up company creating pure fashion accessories from real tree leaves and leather alternative materials
  • Handmade in Thailand