PAPERY MASKfolio 方型口罩套 【我們的日常系列】



PAPERY出品的MASKfolio是可重複使用的口罩伴侶,可用於暫時存放口罩及防止二次污染! 水洗牛皮紙的疏水特性,讓口罩既輕巧,又耐用,能多次循環再用,讓我們不再依靠塑膠產品,絕對是"環保生活潮流"之首選!一站式個性化服務,讓你輕鬆打造獨一無二的個人風格,客製你的專屬口罩套。

  • 容易清洗
  • 可重複使用
  • 耐水性強 (外層與內層)
  • 適用於外科口罩
  • 獨有的口罩固定設計
  • 香港製造

內層物料:因內層需要經常使用酒精消毒殺菌, 所以材質使用了PET聚酯塑料方便清潔
尺寸:11 x 10.5 公分


Looking for a way to safely store your mask while you eat?

The MASKfolio by PAPERY is a reusable mask folio for temporary mask storage. Washable kraft paper is free of harmful substances, and FSC and OEKO-TEX certified. This material makes the MASKfolio light, water resistant, durable, and reusable so that we no longer rely on plastic products! One-stop personalization service for you to create your own stylish MASKfolio. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable
  • Water resistant (both cover and inner)
  • Secure mask locking system
  • Fits most surgical masks
  • Made in Hong Kong 

Cover material:  Washable Kraft Paper
Inner material: PET has been used as the inner layer needs to be frequently sterilized
Dimension: 11 x 10.5 cm

Remarks: Suitable for adults and children, suggest sterilizing the folio daily after use