PAPERY X EUCA 小王子法國玫瑰精油消毒噴霧隨身套裝






  • PAPERY 消毒噴霧隨身套以水洗牛皮紙代替皮革製作,真正零殘忍
  • 水洗牛皮紙不但耐水防撕破,實現可持續性
  • 附送掛繩,輕巧便攜
  • 現代個性設計,適合有品味的您
  • 香港製造


  • 70-75%優質醫用級酒精,植物性潤膚精華PPG-10採用天然及可再生的原料製成,安全可靠,可降低酒精所造成的刺激,提供滋潤而爽滑的觸感
  • 通過歐盟測試EN1276證實有效殺滅99.9%常見細菌,其中包括大腸桿菌、金黃色葡萄球菌、綠膿桿菌及海氏腸球菌
  • 生產場地符合嚴格的 ISO 22716和FDA GMPC的標準,並使用ISO十萬級無塵車間生產
  • 添加優質法國玫瑰精油,除了與小王子完美搭配外,亦有助減輕焦慮
  • 多功能及方便擕帶,可安全用於手部及其他表面消毒
  • 容量 30 ml
  • 香港製造



PAPERY pays attention to details with simple and modern design, your daily life can also be fashionable and elegant. Each SanitizerSet is equipped with a lanyard, which can be hung on your handbag. 

  • PAPERY Sanitizer Case is made of washed kraft paper instead of leather, truly cruelty-free
  • Washable kraft paper is not only water-resistant and tear-resistant, but also sustainable
  • Comes with a lanyard, lightweight and portable
  • Modern personalized design, suitable for you with taste
  • Made in Hong Kong 

EUCA French Rose Sanitizer

  • 70-75% high-quality medical grade alcohol, plant-based emollient essence PPG-10 is made of natural and renewable raw materials, safe and reliable, can reduce the irritation caused by alcohol, and provide moisturizing and smooth touch
  • Passed the EU test EN1276 to effectively kill 99.9% of common bacteria
  • The production site complies with strict ISO 22716 and FDA GMPC standards, and uses ISO 100,000-level dust-free workshops for production
  • High-quality French rose essential oil with The Little Price, it helps to relieve anxiety
  • Versatile and portable, safe for hand and other surface disinfection
  • Made in Hong Kong 

Remarks: Rose essential oil itself is light yellow. EUCA uses high-quality rose essential oil with a high concentration to produce aromatherapy disinfection spray. The light yellow color of the product is normal.  After testing, an appropriate amount of oil will not stain clothing