THAMON Camden Bag


我們非常興奮Camden包包加入我們的葉子系列。靈感來自於我們商店最初成立的地方,那就是「Camden市場」,倫敦最酷和最古怪的地區之一。這款包包的設計非常適合那些尋找 一款多功能、低調而大膽的包包的女士。這款包包有著現代設計,其肩帶和袋柄讓其方便攜帶,會讓您想一直帶著這款包包! 

  • 25(長)×10(寬)×20.8(高)厘米
  • 葉子皮革
  • 織物襯裡
  • 內部拉鍊口袋
  • 內部口袋           
  • 筆袋
  • 可拆卸和可調節的PU皮肩帶
  • 泰國手工製作


Welcome the CAMDEN bag to our leaf collections. Inspired by the place which our shop was first established, 'Camden market', one of the coolest and quirky districts of London. The design of the bag is perfect for the lady who looking for a bag that 'fun'-ctional, and subtle yet bold. The modern design of the bag, and the convenience of both shoulder strap and a handle will make you want to carry this bag with you all the time! 

  • 25 (L) x 10 (W) x 20.8 (H) cm
  • Leaf leather
  • Fabric lining
  • Internal zip pocket
  • Internal pocket
  • Pen holders
  • PU leather removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Handmade in Thailand