DR 背包是該系列中的第一個中性包。背包內有一個適合 14 英寸筆記本電腦的口袋。袋子的外側有兩個口袋,可以放水瓶,所以里面的東西會保持乾燥。 


14 英寸筆記本電腦(或更小)、文書工作、(學校)書籍、午餐盒、運動服、相機、小雨傘、毛巾、鍛煉阻力帶。 

  • 材質:純素超細纖維皮革
  • 里料:棉
  • 顏色襯裡:米色
  • 五金顏色:拉絲金屬
  • 長 x 寬 x 高:31.5 x 11 x 44 厘米
  • 肩帶長度:42 - 100 厘米
  • 適用筆記本電腦:14寸
  • 包封:拉鍊
  • 重量:1.16 公斤


The DR backpack is the first unisex bag in the collection. Inside the backpack you will find a pocket suitable for a 14 inch laptop. On the outside there are two pockets at the side of the bag which can be used for a water bottle, so the stuff inside will be kept safely dry. 

The bag will stay nicely in shape due the vertical stitched padding at the back, besides that the metal clips will make it possible to attach the bag to your travel luggage. The combination of the microfiber material with the sportive nylon band and brushed silver hardware makes the bag easy to style with all your outfits. 

14 inch laptop (or smaller), paperwork, (school) books, lunch box, sportswear, camera, small umbrella, towel, work-out resistance bands. 

  • Material: vegan microfiber leather
  • Lining:  cotton
  • Colour lining: beige
  • Hardware colour: brushed metal
  • Length x width x height: 31.5 x 11 x 44 cm
  • Length shoulder strap: 42 - 100 cm
  • Suitable for laptop: 14 inch
  • Bag closure: zipper
  • Weight: 1.16 kg